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The Versatile Uses Of Fresh Red Onions

Posted by Admin on November, 18, 2019

Onion has emerged as one of the highly used and most popular vegetables worldwide which can boost the taste of any curry. Onion can be found in most of the world of the kitchen over for various purposes. It is added in curries, used a salad, applied on hair to stop hair fall, and for various other purposes. When the fresh red onion is compared with other varieties of onions, it is discovered that it contains double the amount of anti-oxidants. The presence of anti-oxidant in the red onions has made it a strong part of the anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle.

Should you eat red onion in raw or cooked form?
Whether you consume red onion in raw form or cooked form, it definitely serves its numerous benefits. However, eating it in raw form can turn out to be better as raw onions offer a greater level of organic sulfur compounds. The exterior layer of onion flesh contains a high level of flavonoid and therefore you should remove this part as less as possible while peeling an onion.
You can eat red onion in boiled form as they also offer you immense advantages. Boiled onions are a rich source of fiber and copper. Fiber can solve your digestion-related issues effectively and copper will boost your brain communication.

There are several benefits of red onions that can be described below as:

Fight cancer: According to the fresh red onion suppliers in Maharashtra, it proves to be helpful in damaging the colon and breast cancer cells. This variety of onion has a greater level of anthocyanin and quercetin which can stop the growth of these cancer cells. The study further claimed that onion can provoke the cancer cells to kill themselves.

Healthy heart: The presence of flavonoids in red onion boosts your heart’s health. Onions offer an abundant amount of organosulfur which can keep all heart-related ailments at bay. The consumption of organosulfur in a consistent manner can bring down the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Onions also contain thiosulfinates which has emerged a natural blood thinner and it helps in minimizing the risk of stroke or heart attack. The vital properties of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory will help in promoting your heart’s health.

Control Blood sugar: Experts say that onion extracts help in bringing down blood sugar levels. The availability of sulfur compounds known as Quercetin and S-methyl cysteine in red onions gives strong result when it comes to controlling blood sugar. So if you want to bring down your blood sugar levels, start consuming lots of red onions.

Improve bone health: One of the most important benefits of onions is that it can effectively prevent osteoporosis. Osteoporosis occurs among women above 35 years of age. The availability of the compound GPCS can control bone loss. A recent study revealed those women who ate onions consistently in their diets witnessed more bone mass than those who consumed fewer onions.

Therefore, we can conclude here that you must not neglect this amazing vegetable and include it in your daily diet to receive the huge benefits. You can buy good quality onions from leading fresh red onion suppliers in Maharashtra.

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